Itzulges is an application which offers a new and innovative way to manage your translations. With this application, you can easily and conveniently receive, translate, proofread, and send your translations. As an on-line application, it can be used simultaneously by both company staff and external translators, and as a result, Translation Memories (TM) can be managed, shared and consulted effortlessly and efficiently.

Furthermore, Itzulges is a useful tool to encourage staff, in any public or private organisation, to write and work in more than one language. With this application texts can be translated, and then consulted, either directly or via the institution’s Translation Memory and dictionary, as well as being sent for proofreading.

It offers many more features than other applications currently on the market at a truly competitive price: less than €24 per employee per year (click tab below for rates).

For more information, please watch this Video.